We believe in photography

 and enriching peoples' lives.

there are many ways in which an image

can allow one to reminiscence, and even hope.

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Each Gallery Print is able to be framed with a variety of styles and woods to match any decor. Standard sizes can be tailored for most printing options from 8 inches to 60+ inches.  Some as large as 15 feet (3 meters). Please email so we can discuss your needs.  Multiple types of photographic paper are used to match the printing style with the image to enhance the presentation.  However, canvas and metal, in several finishes for either, are available also.  Send me pictures of, or possibly I can visit, the room that the photographs will live in.  We can help decide the materials and finish to allow my photography to improve the room. 



A selection of industry leading photographic paper and materials are used for all prints.  The inks are archival and set to last 50-100 years depending medium chosen.  The characteristics of each paper is pared to the work to enhance the display quality of each final piece.  The metal prints catch beautiful color and detail, come in several finishes that create their own style, and can be sanitized fully.  They are not a step down in image quality, simply a step sideways for style. The canvas prints come in matte, gloss or a linen with a subtle texture and sheen-my personal favorite.  



A full line of frames are available and will be custom fitted to each print.  The list of woods and styles can be sent upon request.  Frames are always an amazing way to blend artwork into your decor.  



Gallery prints 'order to door’ time is approximately two weeks.  This allows custom finishing and sizing, along with printing and shipping.  



Yes, all images and graphics on this site are created by A Grimm Arts LLC, and are as such, copyrighted.  



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