Lambda Print On Fuji Crystal DP II

The Lambda Print on Fuji Crystal DP II meets the most demanding standards. It is crisp, brilliant, and the colors are luminous. Professional photographers rely on its combination of ultra-modern laser technology, traditional photochemical development, and the renowned, high-end photo paper from Fujicolor.

Kodak Pro Endura

The Endura photo paper from Kodak is known for its luminous colors and high contrasts. This makes Endura photo prints especially well-suited to portraits and architecture images.

UltraHD:  For Ultimate Realism

Modern cameras deliver image files with better and better resolution and less and less digital noise. These are significant advances in the ability to capture true-to-life images. To make them more visible in photos, WhiteWall has revolutionized the developing process. Our UltraHD Photo Prints on high-end New Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima paper bring even the minutest details to life, crystal clear and razor sharp.

LightJet Print On Fujiflex High Gloss

The warm base tone and the high-gloss surface guarantee luxurious, extra-rich colors with a perfect gray balance. The high Dmax value ensures black tones appear particularly intense. The silver halide paper is 100% PET, which means it won't rip or yellow for 100 years.

Metallic ultraHD

Shots with strong contrasts benefit from the depth effect that is created through vibrant whites and strong, imposing black tones. Professionals use this silver halide paper especially for urban shots. Color photos also benefit from the broad color spectrum, which gives them added intensity. It is not only the unique appearance of Fuji Crystal Pearl that's impressive – its lifespan of over 75 years makes it an absolute must-have for photographers, gallery owners, and collectors.


LightJet Print On Ilford B/W :  Matte or Glossy

The panchromatic black and white paper from Ilford (190 g/m²) is highly sensitive and enriched with optical brighteners. Brilliant whites and rich black tones turn your photo into a striking eye-catcher. The tonality of the image remains true to the original with high optical density and strong contrasts.

LightJet Print On Ilford Baryta 

With baryta paper, which has been a hit with photography aficionadas for more than 140 years, WhiteWall is taking the success story of black-and-white photography to a new level. Traditional photo papers are made of a coated polyethylene, which makes processing them easier and quicker. The key difference of baryta paper lies in the barium sulfate (the so-called “baryta”) coating. Ultra-white with a neutral image color, the paper is outstanding at combining brilliant white with intense black tones. This is also reflected in the high D-max value of up to 2.3. The shades of gray are nuanced, the contours extremely sharp. Thanks to the natural brilliance of the baryta coating, optical brighteners or laminations are no longer needed. This increases the silky paper's longevity by several decades and makes it the most durable photo paper in the world. At 315g/m², the paper is very heavy and stable. Due to the elaborate developing and rinsing process, the baryta paper will not exactly conform to millimeter-exact measurements.


These come in common ratios: 2x3, 3x4, 1x1, 16x9 and panoramic.  Sizing is approximately 6x4 through 66x44 inches.  Not all sizes available for all printing options.