Product Photography Services
in studio or on location:  make your product standout
You have spent a lot of time and energy preparing your products for the world.  You should hire a company that can design a look you want in a way that customers will respond too.  Whether you need simple white backgrounds, designed photos with graphic enhanced images,  on location or in store service, or designed micro-scenes for your product... we can help.  
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White, solid color or in store backgrounds

Intended for simple inventory items.
$28/image for 4-10 
$23/image for 10-50 
$18/image for over 50 items

Staging, designed backgrounds and micro scenes

Key items and master page images that build branding and show usage.
$195 design and setup fee.  
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Hourly rate for on location 

For product plaecment and model photography on location. 
$190 hr, (Includes 30 Image Licenses)
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Graphic designing or advanced post editing
Quoted per project.
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Half /Full day rate for full photoshoot services

$1375 (Includes 30 Image Licenses) / $2120(Includes 30 Image Licenses), *Plus expenses.

Additional Options & Fees
*Props & Materials - "Market Price"
*Travel Fee  - $50
*Stylized Editing/Custom 'Filters' - $95
*Additional Licenses - $25 per image
*Models can be sourced by us - Contracts will be shown on request.