The matte surface of classic canvas gives your photo a lively look with a soft feel. The canvas texture elevates your image’s natural warmth, making it an especially great choice for portraits and still lifes.  Our photo canvases wrapped on stretcher frames use a premium print valued for its rich, luminous colors. Using a highly advanced, 8-color Inkjet printing technique, the pictures maintain their brilliance for decades. The inks are encapsulated in resin, which makes the print waterproof and smudge-proof right away.


Your photo print with the classic canvas texture appears very natural thanks to its materiality. The glossy surface lends your canvas print a special luminosity and vividness. Create your canvas wall art with the photo of your choice. The glossy look is especially suited to images with lots of contrast and rich colors.  Your glossy photo canvas stands out through its rich colors; deep, dark tones; and strong contrasts - all thanks to digital latex printing. The high resolution and precise hues give your canvas picture a detailed appearance. The colors on the printed canvas do not run and are therefore very durable.


A textile canvas print is a good alternative to a traditional canvas print. The fine, smoothly woven fabric has a subtle texture with a glossy finish. The surface’s texture adds life to your picture. We only use non-toxic textiles awarded the internationally recognized Oeco-Tex Standard 100.

The sublimation print applies your photo to fabric with crisp detail and brilliant color. The dye sublimation process vaporizes the inks into the material for exact color rendering with sharp contours. First your photo is reversed and printed onto transfer paper using Fine Art Inkjet pigments. This is then vaporized into the fabric using heat and pressure. The resulting image will not crack at the edges, and is resistant to small splashes of water.


Depth Options

All canvas prints can be stretched onto 2 cm, 4 cm, or 6 cm deep internal frames.


These come in all common ratios: 2x3, 3x4, 1x1, 16x9 and panoramic.  Sizing is approximately 12x9 through 66x44 inches.  Not all sizes available for all printing options.