i'm guessing there is a shoe box or a few old album books, full of photos, sitting in your home somewhere ...

they are full of memories, 

that you don't remember anymore

We will scan your photos, film or slides into digital files.  Our scanning process cleans dust and minor blemishes and enhances color.  We can scan photos, film and slides.  With up to 4800 dpi optical resolution for photo scanning and up to 6400 dpi when scanning using film holders, high-quality results are promised.  


Our scanner has an optical density of 4.0 DMax, allowing it to capture even small differences in tone from the brightest area (white) to the darkest area (black). This means it can reproduce the tone from the original film and photographs, giving you clear and accurate results.

Grain reduction, Dust removal, Print Image Matching II, Backlight Correction, Color Restoration, Unsharp Mask with Noise Reduction, De-Screening with Document Type Optimizer, Digital ICE technologies are standard processes for all scans

for the truly important memories...

archival and restoration services


After our standard scanning process we'll personally color, correct, patch, clean and fully restore your most important photos.   We use a series of top of the line editing software and equipment to adjust, patch, and hand 'paint' your memories back to life.  


After the restoration is complete we can offer printing options for any of the images.  Printing can be simple 'snapshots' from the old days, to fine art, to large scale stylized artwork using any of our industry leading materials such as brushed metal and even wood panels.  This process can take from an hour to several days but the results speak for themselves.

We can do simpler colorization of intact photos that need saved or transferred to new printing materials to extend the life another 2-4 generations.

But we love full repair and restorations.  Don't forget we can print on modern papers, metal or even wood block with archival inks. This means your 'new' old photo will last 50+ years!  Prices range from $49-$299 and will be quoted per photo as each one is a specialized project and the time involved can vary greatly.  

return these memories into your life again