My goal is to explore the diversity,

irony or simple beauty in any subject.

reminding you to slow down and remember

to observe the little moments in the world.


I’ve been on safari in Kenya, searched for downed aircraft in Papua New Guinea, helped protect children from UXOs in Afghanistan and gone snorkeling with sharks at Wake Island; to name a few adventures   After years of exploring the world, and seeing some of its worst, I’m dedicating my future to capturing beauty and life through a lens.  For what I’ve learned, is the little moments matter, immensely. 


As a lover of light and presentation, I’ll be constantly seeking and designing innovative ways to enhance the availability and styles of taking and displaying photography.  My goal is to create images from around the world that will recapture your wonder.  Then to present them in a manner that will demand your attention.     


I’m currently living in Hawaii and enjoying the views and backdrops it offers.  If you’ll be visiting and would like to set up a portraiture session, please let me know.  Of course, you could just join for a sunrise hike for or waterfall excursion to take your own landscapes with me also.  Feel free to email to see if I’ll be heading out while you are on island. 

I offer a wide variety of designs and materials for prints including smaller pieces for desks or cubicles that allow for versatility of display.  Of course, traditional options to enhance an entire room are always the most fun.  However, if you have a special space that needs personalized attention please send me the details.  Other sizes, mounting options or frames are possible for all images.  I'm also happy to create personalized presentations for any situation.

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